Steve Endacott

"I have worked with Steve in many of his businesses both as a client and supplier. He is focused, driven, positively challenging, professional and supportive. A visionary and entrepreneur, his outlook is always forward thinking and his output efficient. A great technician and retailer and a pleasure to be with."

Alistair Rowland
The Midcounties Co-operative
Chief Retail Officer - Specialist Business

"I've known Steve for almost 20 years in various roles within the travel industry, from senior positions in big corporates to the driving force behind several start-ups. Steve's grasp of the travel industry and how it works is exceptional and he has kept pace with the rapid changes that have occurred over the past two decades, changing the way travel is is consumed and distributed. Steve is highly creative and innovative, always coming up with new ideas and initiatives. He is a calculated risk-taker and has strong opinions. He has been an excellent commentator on the travel industry, not afraid to ruffle feathers when necessary, in the pages of Travel Weekly, for many years, And he is passionate about giving back, having masterminded several initiatives and adventures to raise money for charity."

Lucy Huxley
Jacobs Media Group
Editor-in-chief, Travel Weekly

"Being a travel industry veteran myself, I have known Steve professionally for over 20 years. Throughout that time I found him an innovative, committed and motivational leader, with broad commercial experience. We worked closely as commercial partners in the 90's while at Airtours and found his style refreshingly 'ego free' and eminently solution led."

Francesca Ecsery
Association Investment company
Non Executive Director

"Steve is a refreshing rarity amongst Board Level players in the travel industry - he knows his subject inside out, actually listens and responds to constructive comment, and maintains a fantastic sense of humour. A firm but fair task master (doesn't suffer fools...) and a genuinely great person to work with."

Simon Thorp
Colchester Borough Council
Town Deal Project Manager

"Steve is able to see the big picture but also able to pin point key issues that will make a difference to businesses. He is very commercial and forward thinking with a good understand of the impact that technology can have."

Ian Brooks
Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment
Partner & Co-founder

"Steve has a great ability at seeing problems and opportunities from different angles and challenging standardised thinking."

Seamus (James) Conlon
Chief Executive Officer

"I have no hesitation in providing this recommendation for Steve. I have always found him to be a dynamic and inspiring individual able to cut through the nonsense and get things done! Not afraid to speak his mind and always makes a great deals of sense when he does."

Dave Dibble
Blanco Digital Ltd
Managing Director

"Steve Endacott is well know to me and my firm WHA, a leading firm of travel specialist Chartered Accountants in which I am Head of the Travel and Leisure Team. We have worked together on many projects with Steve and he holds non-executive and director positions with a number of our client companies, who find his extensive knowledge and expertise of the travel industry invaluable. He is a well known and engaging presenter at travel seminars and forums - we have sat on various panels together - his observations are always forthright but well reasoned and on point. His understanding of the UK travel industry is extensive."

Chris Photi
White Hart Associates (London) Ltd
Head of Travel and Leisure

"I have known Steve through his many and varied roles over a number of years. He never fails to educate, amuse and instill me with enthusiam. He has a great track record of success."

Neil Armorgie
SnowStorm Technologies Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

"It's rare that you come across standout talent like Steve! I had the pleasure of working with Steve during my time at Reed Exhibitions, when I was launching an online TV channel for WTM for leaders in travel. He was one of the decision makers I interviewed. He also advised me in my new role for Connections as to how to shape, price and lunch the brand. I was always in awe of Steve's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas, even people who were initially on completely different pages. Still to date I always pick Steve's brains when I am about to innovate or launch new products. His business acumen is equal to none. I am really lucky to be able to turn to him whenever I need."

Micaela Giacobbe
Connections Way
Managing Director

"I've worked for Steve on a number of ventures over the last 5 years. He always has much to offer by way of ideas and insight, a true travel guru, but also clearly dedicated and manages to get things done. It's also good working with someone who is open to ideas and constructive debate."

Lars Janssen
Babylon Health
Software Staff Engineer

"Steve has a long senior career in the travel sector and has an extensive network in both the travel and travel technology space. Steve would add a lot of value to any board and brings passion and vision in abundance. Steve's extensive M&A experience will also help businesses navigate their way around the PE world and the city."

Andy Freeth
If Only...
Chief Executive Officer

"Steve was a client at Cheapflights. We had a very productive relationship as he always challenged us to better serve customers. Through his own company, the OnHoliday Group, he looked for and found ways introduce new technologies and methods to improve online travel offerings."

Karen Plumb
Premier Inn
Commercial Marketing Director

"Steve combines a wealth of industry knowledge with a genuine passion for success which encourages everyone he works with to obtain the same goals."

Dave Allbuary
Financial Leeds
Research & Policy Manager

"As VP at Disney I worked with Steve when he was Director at Mytravel, and also with his own Company. Steve is very proactive and energetic, full of bright ideas, and totally in tune with technology and forward looking marketing and distribution solutions."

Tom Allen
Cloud 9 Escapes
Managing Director

"I have known Steve for around 5 years and always found him to be very professional. He is not afraid of a challenge and has taken the On Holiday Group to a different level over the last 2 years. What I like about Steve is that he is an entrepreneur and is always looking for a new and innivative way to make money."

Theo Demetriou
Purchasing Director

"Steve is a leader in the Travel Industry, a person with very good business management style and is a clear bonus to any company that he can put input to."

Lawrence Assock
MGA Cover Services Limited
Head of Commercial Partnerships

"Steve is a very experienced Tour Operator, creative and very personable. Once you win him over you can have a fantastic working relationship with him and his company."

Gianni Bonuglia
aspire holidays ( part of XL leisure group)
Managing Director

"Steve is a highly-motivated entrepreneur who understands the value of maintaining good relationships in business, particularly with the media. He also understands industry issues and how these can make newsy stories for the trade papers. He is a reliable source of information as well as industry gossip! He always returns calls and works at keeping good business links in place."

Juliet Dennis
Travel Weekly
Chief Reporter

"Steve is one of the most inspiring managers I've had the pleasure of working with. His youth, dynamism, creativity and boundless curiosity are just what I was looking for (after 2 years in a dull corporate atmosphere) to give me a challenge and keep me on my toes. I look forward to working with him for many years to come."

Hichame Assi

"Steve is a true entrepreneur, who has enourmous reserves of energy and creativity. He is refreshingly honest and candid in his approach to business, and shows tremendous loyalty to those that have shown it to him. Steve is always good fun to work with."

Ian Brooks
Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment
Partner & Co-founder

"Having worked with Steve over the last 8 years at different companies I can vouch for his exceptional business acumen, sales and marketing creativity and in-depth knowledge of the travel industry. I believe Steve's key strengths are an understanding of consumer travel purchasing trends which he's put to good use with OHG's accommodation and dynamic packaging brands. Adprecision hopes to continue working with Steve over the years to come."

Alasdair Cross
Sales Director UK & EU

"While I was a colleague of Steve's when we worked at Airtours/MyTravel, I am recommending the On Holiday Group as a partner for companies wanting an affiliate that can dynamically package components. I reviewed his organisation in 2006 for a potential affiliate and was impressed by the IT and the modular stock (flights, beds, transfers). Steve and his colleagues are very experienced and competant tour operators."

Matthew Cheetham
Distant Journeys UK
Interim CEO

"Steve was always an active client, willing to try new products and give us valuable feedback on our products. He was fun to work with and a (very) tough negotiator!"

Hugo Burge
Marchmont Ventures

"Steve is one of the most knowledgable people I know in Tourism Distribution. He has commanded great positions in several influential organisations and has been running his company for several years. He is one of the best conferences speakers on the topic I know. But most importantly he is such a nice, straight talking guy that it is always a pleasure to have a pint or two with."

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis
Tourism Review http://www.emeraldinsight.com/loi/tr
Editor In Chief